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Leaving a Legacy

I spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid.  I remember spending hours exploring along the creek that ran through our small city close to our family home.  It was my home away from home; swimming, fishing, catching frogs and just exploring and enjoying everything the outdoors offered.  It became part of me.  Part of what I am today.

I live in a big city now but still spend time outdoors.  I still like to go out into the yard and lift rocks to see what lives beneath, to walk the trails and visit wetlands, watching and listening to the sounds of nature.  

Nature has given me many great times and memories and I believe it is important to ensure its health and vitality for others to enjoy.  I know there are others out there just like me, kids and adults alike that feel nature and the great outdoors has engrained something in them that is more than just an impression.  It is like part of your blood that pumps through your veins and never leaves you.

This love for nature is why Earth Distributors supports organizations like Ducks Unlimited and The Nature Conservancy of Canada.  These great charities are committed to the preservation and health of our wild places, wildlife and the environment we all share.

Your support through the purchase of our products enables us to continue supporting these organizations.  The resources generated will go towards environmental programs and initiatives like tree planting, preservation and revitalization of wildlife habitat, wetlands and forests, and environmental education.

Your continued support will contribute to programs that will lower carbon emissions, filter our water, stop soil erosion and save wildlife.  With your help we will provide education and awareness to future generations and preserve natural regions so wildlife and nature can flourish, and people can enjoy and learn from these areas for generations.

Earth Distributors is committed to a greener world and your purchase will make it happen.  Join us in making a positive difference that will last for generations.  With the purchase of Earth Distributors' products, you can feel good about the legacy you will leave.

Thank You for considering Earth Distributors as your supplier and partner for environmentally friendly food services ware and packaging.


Quinn Beck